Innovative ways to reach new patients for Medical Practices

New ways to reach patients? Content is still king – but with the recent changes in technology, mindset and tooling, AI is being relied upon more heavily. It has multiple effects – some good and some bad. One concern is that the field is getting more crowded and it’s harder to stand out – even with excellent content and SEO. Another concern is that potential patients don’t know what’s credible. We have some interesting, Innovative ways to reach new patients.

Long-form makes sense for Doctors

We formed a media company for doctors and medical practitioners. We can help you make top-quality podcasts, moderate your discussions for a more human approach and and easier avenue to talk about technical concepts. We understand HIPAA, compliance and regulatory needs, and we can talk the talk. Helping potential patients understand what you do in a familiar way can lead to the best types of patients.

People take healthcare seriously

Now more than ever, patients want to be fully engaged in their healthcare choices. this means they are listening – but are any doctors producing content that resonates with patients? Our clients are. We’ve made it easy to show up in front of engaged patients and enhance your credibility through investments & platforms we have built that prioritize mainstreaming of technical knowledge and offering multiple consumption models.

Engaged patients are good patients

Conventional wisdom in the healthcare industry pushes the narrative that more patient throughput & bandwidth equates to better total revenue. And that can be true in some cases. What it does not do, however, is endear patients to you. It does not enhance future marketing or branding. it does not help retain patients that can help you practice build. Engaged patients need doctors that want to engage. We can help.

We built a model that improves your chances of being discovered – a collection of innovative ways to reach patients

If you’re ready to grow – we can show you how in a couple hours a week

Nothing in this world is free – except the good press you get from being a proactive and innovative medical practice. We are leaders in leading doctors in building their practices properly. We are Practice Management Consultants for Doctors, but we are also experts in marketing. We can help you to engage in channels and with potential patients that you aren’t reaching right now. We know, because we are helping doctors do it every day, and they are excited at the enhanced revenue and the total value from these new lead generation avenues. If you’re willing to do a bit more (it’s not lost on us that you’re already busy), we are confident you can add significantly to your bottom line income.

There is a learning curve, and there is an expectation – but we can guide

As a Medical Practitioner, you’re used to being above average in just about everything you do. We want to push you to be even better – if you want to be. We’ve uncovered some innovative ways to improve your lead generation for patients in your medical practice. We’ve vetted these channels, improved and iterated on best practices and built something we are truly proud of. But we want to be transparent: there is a bit of a learning curve, and you have to be committed to the process in order to yield the best results. We can help guide you through what we are helping a lot of doctors do to reach new patients. Use our advanced platforms and techniques to grab new patients and improve revenue.

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