Domain Medics is a Proven SoCal Digital Marketing Agency for Doctors

Turmoil in the digital marketing landscape creates opportunities. The economics and global conditions present an opportunity for medical practitioners that want to grow during times of uncertainty. Don’t let poor agency management, and reliance on unproven technology ruin your revenue growth for any amount of time. We are the most innovative digital marketing firm in the medical space. We can show you how we create massive value for our clients, and how they are creating unparalleled experiences for their patients – and winning because of it.

Experienced Professionals – no poor performers

We built a team of world class talent and we push our people to reach great heights

We prioritize talent, but we also prioritize sustainability. We have built a team that is unmatched in skills, and built a robust training and development program for them. We have talent that brings a lot to the table – not just some people who like marketing. 

You shouldn’t have to worry that you need to manage the team you’ve trusted to build your brand, and your practice. We don’t cut corners, we don’t waste money, and our management team have run very large businesses for most of their careers. We are a unicorn in the space. Let us show you how business acumen and proper adherence to best practices can combine with innovation and proper tooling to create new revenue streams for your medical practice. 

ROI is the only indicator of success

If any digital agency is telling you that you need to do a single thing that isn’t evaluated by ROI – run.

We judge everything we do on ROI. We show you how and why ROI will be improved and we push the best practices and nothing short of them. We also deploy resources to the best possible channel on an ongoing basis and reevaluate continually to ensure we keep you in the money, and we can produce exceptional ROI.

Forget about metrics that don’t matter, and start making more money.

We produce turnkey solutions 

We offer a guaranteed solution for the problems your practice is facing. The only way we can do this is by not trying to boiler-plate everything. Yes, we have standard offerings – but we build solutions based on problems and we don’t deflect – we solve problems with proven solutions. 

Bear in mind – we’ve been doing this at a high level for many years in the medical industry. We’ve seen it all. Let us help you navigate to your next goal.

Why we are the best in class

We are the world class digital agency your medical practice has been looking for

The best data

We have thousands of daily data points, legitimate machine learning algorithms that we have developed over more than a decade, and we spend more on tooling than any other digital agency. This translates to better base-level decision making.

The best talent

We don’t employ unseasoned workers. We only hire the best talent in the field. We don’t tolerate underperforming contractors. We only recruit and retain top-tier solutions providers. We are a team of business leaders that have decades of experience.

The best experience

We have hundreds of clients that we partner with to provide solutions in the most competitive and challenging spaces in the medical industry. We are continually improving and iterating on successes. We are optimization freaks. We build a specialized plan for every client that is unique to them.